All Daniel Arlig violins are made entirely by me, using traditional tools and methods, while benefiting from the information and knowledge of centuries of violin making, available now more than ever.  My passion is to make instruments that are aesthetically and sonically beautiful; as well as a joy to play.

My instruments are crafted using carefully selected tone woods from Europe and North America.  Daniel Arlig violins are built traditionally; but constructed and set-up to meet contemporary needs.  All while exhibiting unique personality and character.

As a musician, your instrument is where it all comes to together.  It is the medium through which you express years of study, practice and artistry.  It is also often a life partner.  An instrument should help the musician express their individuality.   

As in music, individual personality in violin making occurs within the context of tradition.  My instruments are firmly based on the works of the 16th to 18th Century Masters from the towns of Cremona and Brescia in Northern Italy. 

Violins are based of the instruments of Guiseppe Guarneri ‘del gesu’ and Antonio Stradivari. Violas models are inspired by Antonius and Heironimus Amati and the great Brescian masters, Gasparo da Salo and Giovanni Paolo Maggini.   I make Stradivari, Rogeri and Guarneri inspired model Cellos.  I try to embrace the character of the maker of the model I am making, in the end the instruments reflect my personality as well.   

The violin maker’s job is essentially to choose the best materials and get the most out the them.  Wood is inherently inconsistent.  Even within the same tree, wood will have different characteristics.  These inconsistencies require the violin maker to make continuous choices throughout the creation of the instrument; from the initial choice of model and materials, to the shape of the carving of the arched top and back plates, to the final set-up of the instrument.  All effecting the final result.  Daniel Arlig violins, violas and cellos are played by professional musicians, teachers and aspiring students around the United States.


About the Instruments